How space is bringing you closer to earth

To make vital information about our planet more accessible and reliable than ever before, we’re leveraging proven technologies in ways that are entirely new—building constellations of SAR satellites that can bring you the latest information about any spot on the planet within the hour.

Capella’s high revisit SAR satellites capture high quality Earth imagery with resolution down to 0.5 meter.

Continuous global coverage through clouds, smoke, fog and darkness

SAR stands for Synthetic Aperture Radar. NASA has been using it since the 1970s to detect sub-meter changes to the Earth’s surface—stunningly through clouds, smoke, fog and darkness. Capella Space is now taking SAR a step further, enabling hourly SAR global coverage for government and commerce.

Adapt to change as it happens

The promise of earth observation data in wide commercial use has been touted for decades, but is only now being realized. Introducing the U.S.’s first—and world’s largest—commercial SAR satellite constellation. Reliable delivery of actionable information on everything from the irrigation of thousands of acres of farmland to millimeter changes in the integrity of infrastructure is now practical, affordable, essential.

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