Our goal is to make Earth Observation accessible and reliable for you.

We drive mission success through an exceptional product experience and iterative engineering. We abstract the complexity of space so customers only have to think about how they’ll use the data.

Our customers access timely, high quality SAR data to gain a greater understanding of facts on the ground.

Partnering for a Better Future

Our partnership ecosystem plays a critical role in turning data from space into answers on Earth. Capella Space works with a community of imagery analysts, radar specialists, and developers to turn geospatial data into actionable insights.

Turning SAR Data into Actionable Insights

Capella Space helps organizations describe, predict and prescribe the world’s toughest problems. Our radar technology and easy-to-use software give customers real-time visibility for their specific application at their area of interest. From climate change to disaster recovery to national security, our customers are solving complex global problems. Our ability to see change that matters can fundamentally change how our customers tackle their most difficult challenges. Learn more about a few of the many use cases we support:

The U.S. Air Force is always working to maintain our leadership as a global technology innovator, and this contract [with Capella] is a testament to that commitment.

— Lt. Gen. John Thompson, Commander, U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center

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