Customer Driven

Preparing our Customers and Partners for Change

Capella Space helps its customers navigate a world that is defined by change. We are committed to working with our customers that need timely data to inform decision-making for Defense & Intelligence, Maritime Domain Awareness, Disaster Response and many more applications. With a customer-driven approach, we are here to solve the Earth’s most difficult challenges by capturing each change as it happens.

Putting the Customer at the Center

Our primary goal is to empower our users. Whether you are seeking information on ports, along pipelines, in agricultural fields, or on the high seas, we design solutions and hardware with your use case at the center. The Capella Space team is trained to pair your organizational needs with powerful Earth Observation capabilities, designed for 24/7/365 intelligence at your area of interest.

Designed for Security

When you use our services, you can trust that you are using a private and secure data platform. Our systems are designed for your operational security and data integrity. Every Capella implementation is based on strong national and international standards which have been vetted and approved by US Government agencies, covering every aspect of physical and cyber operations. Our partnership with AWS ensures that you benefit from government cloud level security, operational reliability and redundancy. You will benefit from automated, fully encrypted tasking and delivery platform with end-to-end encryption from sensor to customer removes human interaction to create industry leading privacy and operational security.

Delivering High-Quality

Customer trust is everything and that starts with delivering the highest integrity data possible. We believe data quality improves the entire industry from our customers to our partners. Faster, easier-to-use data is now possible with Capella.

Available in Your Market

We are a Silicon Valley company with a global perspective. We have business operations and data coverage on an international scale. Your dedicated account executive and Capella’s customer success team ensures seamless communication and exceptional customer service, with teams based in the U.S., Colombia, Germany, Singapore and a vast global partnership network of resellers to ensure access to SAR data. We strictly adhere to U.S. Export Control ITAR, EAR, and OFAC compliance.
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