Essential information for a world in flux

The 21st Century landscape is defined by change: to the climate, in aging infrastructures, from disruptive technologies and political upheavals. Mitigating the effects of these varied events is difficult—and nearly impossible—without access to timely data converted into relevant and actionable information. We capture and track small-scale movements on the surface of the Earth—at ports and along pipelines, in fields and on the high seas, anywhere change is occurring—and provide this data in the form you need to gain an edge. It’s information that brings new insights to your analytical models, forecasts, and business methods, helping you manage risk.

  • Infrastructure

Around the clock understanding is mission critical

Infrastructure failure is often catastrophic. For operators of airports, dams, power plants, roads and bridges across the world, preparedness is key—and the key to preparedness is access to relevant and timely data.

Now you can detect minute, sub-meter changes in built infrastructure at, or even below, the surface of the Earth from space: monitor the integrity of your mission critical infrastructure with our space-based radar. By detecting early indications of stress from space, you can muster resources more frugally and maintain infrastructure more cost-effectively.

  • Agriculture

Secure harvests, from seed to store

From price volatility to seasonal labor forces to, of course, the weather, the challenge of feeding the world is beset on all sides by unpredictability. Today, growers can access Capella information created specifically for their needs to assess viability and yield of their own harvests, as well as measure and track global supplies—from seed to distribution. Because our data is radar-based, we can measure soil moisture and inundation, detect where crops have been damaged, and provide a reliable and up-to-date source for insurance claims. Our constellation paths mean we can reliably monitor many thousands of acres, and because we process raw data into information, you get it in the form that complements your terrestrial sensor infrastructure.

  • Disaster Response
    and Recovery

First and fastest

Because weather is not a factor, first responders can get valuable information in the fastest possible way—having a real impact on people’s survival. The communications infrastructure is often the first thing to go in a disaster, yet it’s never more valuable than when clear thinking, decisive action, and accurate intelligence are essential to saving lives. Our carefully architected short rate of revisit gets useful intelligence to all those in search, rescue and recovery operations.

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