Leaders in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Step into a new era of Earth observation technology. Our advanced SAR satellites, designed and manufactured in the USA, provide unparalleled access to data at any time and in any weather conditions.​

Timely & High Quality SAR Data

Capella Space is committed to deliver high quality, high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery products with unparalleled frequency and timeliness.

Our innovative Concept of Operations (CONOPS) offers industry-leading revisit rates and diverse revisit times over key regions. With a zero human-in-the-loop tasking API, customers have access to a fully automated tasking, collection and delivery workflow for imagery where and when it’s needed most.

SAR-Derived Change Detection

Today’s landscape is defined by change. From climate, aging infrastructures to disruptive technologies and political upheavals, change is all around us. Monitoring and mitigating the effects of these varied events is challenging and nearly impossible without access to timely data converted into relevant and actionable information.

We capture and track small-scale movements on the surface of the Earth whether it is at ports and along pipelines or in fields and on the high seas, anywhere change is occurring. Capella provides this data in the form you need to gain an edge. Information brings new insights to your analytical models, forecasts, and business methods, helping you manage risk and answer questions.

Customer Driven

Our customer promise is to provide you a high-quality, new perspective from space. We built our business around customer applications and solving customer problems. Our satellite constellation is rapidly scalable and we place a significant focus on quality, which translates into high-quality data products and the best customer experience ever.

We move quickly and are not constrained by legacy design or other space approaches allowing us to adjust as your business needs us to.

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