A new perspective

Capella Space is a new kind of company with a bold purpose: we believe the space-based technologies we’re building today will better commerce, conservation, and the well-being of all people through the 21st century and beyond. The key to creating a better world lies in the timely observation of our planet; Capella Space is rapidly making it a reality.

More information is better for everyone

Earth is always changing, at times dramatically and seemingly without warning. Clues that something big is about to happen often go unseen. Detecting these clues and understanding ongoing small-scale changes can help create opportunities, prevent disasters, boost commerce and save lives.

Our space-based radar can detect sub-meter changes on the surface of the earth. Reliably delivered, this information can protect the integrity of infrastructure, ensure food security, and help speed aid in times of crisis.

The buildout

Covering all the earth is a tall order. A surprising number of entities today promise to do so, but the timelines are vague, the variables many, the restrictions all too predictable. We founded our company knowing that smaller—yet still powerful—satellites would provide an operational advantage. Our path to a total constellation buildout is clear, rapid and obtainable. Transparency is not simply a watchword at Capella, but essential to how we do business—the analog to our belief that more information is better for everyone.

Our name and mission

Our mission is to make timely Earth observation an essential tool for commerce, conservation, and well-being. A world that shares a richer understanding of life on our planet will be a better place to live; we contribute to that knowledge by documenting change across the globe in entirely new and powerful ways.

We took our name from a close, non-eclipsing binary star that is the brightest yellow star in the sky. Made up of four components that never block one another when seen from earth (just as SAR can always see the planet), the name Capella means “the little goat” in Latin. In Greek mythology, the star represents the goat whose broken horn became the cornucopia, a horn of plenty which could be filled with anything its owner wished for. We believe that one day soon Capella’s information will do the same for many clients.


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