Hourly satellite coverage to uncover your world.

For decades, large, expensive satellites operating under government flags have given us petabytes of stunning, rich images. As beautiful as these images are, limited coverage areas and unreliable revisit rates make it impossible to create viable benchmarks for assessing a dynamic and unstable planet.

Capella’s constellation of small but powerful satellites employ space-based radar, beaming through darkness and cloud cover to gather the information you need to make informed decisions. When fully deployed, Capella will offer hourly coverage of every point on Earth, rendered in sub-meter resolution, through the world’s largest constellation of radar satellites.

Data acquisition in all weather, day or night

Space-based imagery has long captivated the public, but optical satellites are limited by two factors: light and weather. Cloud cover and darkness mean that at any given moment, only about 25% of the Earth’s surface can be captured through optical imaging. Capella’s SAR satellites, operating in the X-band, can see through clouds and in the dark, so you always get the information you need when you need it. 100% of the time.

Optical Imagery Limits:

50% Night
50% Cloudy
25% Visible

SAR: No limits

Capella’s high revisit X-Band constellation with InSAR capability will capture millimeter scale changes on the Earth’s surface.

Deformation following eruption at Kilauea, 2011.

(InSAR images from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Earth observation made more:


Global satellite coverage with hourly revisit.


Space-based detection for subtle change.


Data delivered through clouds and darkness.


Information for everyone.

A Powerful Platform for Earth Observation

We’re building a searchable archive in the cloud, so useful information about Earth will always be available. Get custom acquisitions through direct uplink tasking, with low-latency downlinks and open developer applications.

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