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Capella’s mission is to make SAR more accessible, demonstrate its unique value, and help solve the hardest challenges we face on Earth. To do this, we are working with a broad community of the brightest data scientists and software engineers.

Our collective efforts and imagination are unlocking the most value from this data to transform how we live. The three tiers of the Capella SAR Community (Open Data, Data Cooperative, and Data Grant) enable users to have increasing access to SAR data, helping them develop tools and algorithms to solve complex and urgent problems.

Tier 1: Open Data

Capella’s Open Data is a constantly growing dataset of scenes from around the globe. This dataset includes multi-modal data (spotlight, sliding spotlight, stripmap, as well as custom scenes) consisting of geographically diverse areas of multiple land cover/land use types. Anyone can download the program’s available high-quality SAR imagery for free from our Open Data AWS S3 bucket.

Tier 2: Data Cooperative

Data Cooperative participants can request access to archive imagery beyond what’s in the Open Dataset, to meet their specific needs.

Participants are entities that Capella wishes to cultivate for mutual benefit such as the development of new use cases, applications, and processing/exploitation methods or defining new market verticals. The Capella Engagement Team will collaborate with Data Cooperative participants and grant them archive access on a case-by-case basis for their particular area of interest (AOI). Participants are expected to collaborate with Capella on publishing results, such as blogs, scientific papers, etc.

Tier 3: Data Grant

Capella’s Data Grant takes access one step further and provides limited tasking capability for qualified applicants whose areas of interest are not currently covered by Capella’s archive catalog. Participants should be researchers with novel, high impact, and/or important missions. Interested participants need to submit a formal proposal to gain acceptance into the program.

Our Mission

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