September 2 2019

Mongabay”No place to hide” for illegal fishing fleets as surveillance satellites prepare for lift-off

May 18 2019

Space NewsThornberry bill would help venture-backed startups compete for DoD small business awards

May 13 2019

Breaking DefenseFCC Debates Space Debris Rules

May 8 2019

Stanford E-CornerPrepare to Launch: Capella CEO Payam Banazadeh from the Stanford eCorner

April 30 2019

Via SatelliteCapella Space Uses Blue Canyon Technologies’ Attitude Control Systems

April 30 2019

PHYS.ORGSatellite data and AI help fight Sweden’s forest fires

April 8 2019

Fast CompanyCapella Space recognized with honorable mention in data and AI category for Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas

March 11 2019

Trajectory Magazine: The Official Magazine of USGIFThe Next Era of the Small Sat Revolution

Feb 14 2019

Press ReleaseCapella Space Expands Team with Former Lockheed and Planet Executives

Feb 04 2019

Popular MechanicsHow Small Satellites Will Help Police Earth’s Vast Oceans

jan 31 2019

Press ReleaseAmid 2020 Satellite launch targets, Capella Space Selects Phase Four for Maxwell On-Orbit Propulsion System

Jan 14 2019

WiredTwo satellites almost crashed. Here’s how they avoided it.

Dec 11 2018

New York TimesIt’s briefcase! It’s a pizza box! No, it’s a tiny satellite!

Dec 03 2018

Press ReleaseCapella Space Is First American Company to Send Advanced Commercial Radar Satellite to Space

Dec 03 2018

Press ReleaseSpaceflight Successfully Launches 64 Satellites on First Dedicated Rideshare Mission

Oct 07 2018

ForbesPint-Sized Space Race: Miniature Rockets Are Starting To Crowd Launch Pads

Oct 07 2018

San Francisco ChronicleStartups of the week: Capella Space, Astro Technology, Calm

Oct 02 2018

The Enterprise OrbitCapella Space Targets Commercial Markets with Origami-Like SAR Satellite

Oct 01 2018

Future Tech PodcastSpace Spectacles: The advanced radar satellites that are dramatically improving global surveillance

Sep 29 2018

QuartzSilicon Valley is investing $19 million in space radar

Sep 26 2018

Space NewsCapella Space raises $19 million for radar constellation

Sep 26 2018

MediumDeliver Reliable Earth observation data on demand

Sep 25 2018

USA Today
How ‘First Man’ inspires the future of space travel by showing its lesser-known past

Sep 08 2018

TownhallAre we Starting a Military Space Race?

Aug 15 2018

PBSHow the Pentagon joins forces with Silicon Valley startups

Aug 06 2018

Yahoo FinanceSpaceflight Prepares Historic Launch of More Than 70 Spacecraft Aboard SpaceX Falcon 9

Aug 06 2018

Space NewsCapella’s first satellite launching this fall

May 30 2018

Space NewsGeospatial industry exploiting radar, RF data for maritime security and disaster response

May 22 2018

Space NewsNot convinced of the promise of commercial radar satellites? Meet the radar mafia.

dec 20 2017

Fast CompanyNew Low-Cost Spy Satellites Are Getting Scarily Powerful

Oct 23 2017

ForbesSpace Technology: Venture Capitalists’ Final Frontier

jul 06 2017

New York TimesTiny Satellites From Silicon Valley May Help Track North Korea Missiles

july 01 2017

QuartzThere’s one big problem with satellite imagery, and a space startup has found a solution for it

june 20 2017

INCCapella Space Named on Inc’s Top 25 Disruptive Companies

june 02 2017

ForbesCapella Space Co-Founders on Forbes 30 under 30″ List”

may 09 2017

MediumSpace Infrastructure 2.0! Meet Capella Space

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