Analytics Partner Program
Accelerating Access to Earth Observation Insights

Business Insights from Our Trusted Analytics Partners

Capella Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites capture high quality images and data from space at any time of day or night, in any weather. Our analytics partners help you gain actionable insights from this data, so you can learn what’s happening anywhere on Earth, providing a new tool for your decision-making toolbox.  A trusted analytics partner with powerful solutions that tap into artificial intelligence and machine learning can help you save time and resources by providing expert interpretation and analysis of SAR data. 

How Can the Power of SAR Help your Business?

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Capella Analytics Partner Program

Is Your Company Interested in Partnering with Capella Space?

The Analytics Partner Program offers a three-step approach for companies interested in joining to serve a specific market need.

How to Become an Analytics Partner

Companies interested in the Analytics Partner Program must apply and meet certain criteria to join. Ideal candidates for the program will have a strong track record taking highly innovative solutions to market that leverage Earth observation data, preferably with SAR data. Certified Capella Analytics Partners will represent only those companies who have demonstrated strong proficiency and proven customer success using Capella’s data in the market.

"As an early adopter of SAR and long-time Capella customer, we are incredibly excited about this new program because it is going to make it possible for us to unlock a wide range of new and exciting use cases for our customers. This program will allow us to expand our current capabilities with SAR, research and develop new solutions, and develop new products."
- Jon Downey, Senior Vice President, Woolpert
"At Kayrros, we are passionate about building state-of-the-art geospatial data products that our customers rely on to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint; protect people, assets and natural ecosystems; and manage the energy transition and associated transition risks. We're thrilled to be able leverage this program to find ways to further expand the value we believe Capella's data can offer our customers while leading energy and climate industries forward."
- Antoine Rostand, CEO, Kayrros
"SAR is an important tool in the toolbox for our parametric flood insurance solution. Over the past few years, Capella has emerged as a monumental force in the satellite revolution, without which our solutions would not be possible. We are excited to be one of the first members of Capella’s Analytics Partner Program and look forward to building data products together that close the flood insurance protection gap."
- Bessie Schwarz, CEO of Floodbase
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