Automatically Generate Insights with Capella Analytics

Capella’s extractions and analytics enrich its SAR imagery by highlighting critical items and capturing the large, small, and barely perceptible changes that occur every day. Leveraging Capella’s self-service tasking console or API, extractions such as vessel or change detection may be added to an order with just the click of a button. These offerings can be combined with Capella’s repeat tasking to create a robust monitoring campaign, providing access to consistent change and awareness of what is happening on Earth’s surface with reliable night, day, and cloud-independent imaging benefits. The extractions and analytics enrichments automate change analysis and visualization, so you can spend less time on tedious aspects of image analysis and focus on thinking critically and solving problems.

Every year tens of thousands of people gather in the Nevada, U.S. desert for Burning Man. Using the “red-fled, blue-new" standard for monitoring change, you can see signs of movement toward the center of the camp where people flock toward the symbolic burning of the wooden “Man.”

Understand Trends in SAR Data

Capella Analytic Products

Vessel Classification

Capella Space offers vessel classification as a derivative product of our high-resolution SAR imagery. Customers tasking waterbodies such as ports, anchorages, shipping lanes, channels, canals, rivers, exclusive economic zones, or restricted water areas can automate vessel classifications to extract insights from Capella’s imagery products and feed downstream into mission critical analytical systems and processes. A range of both military and commercial vessels are detected, including Surface Warship, Submarine, Aircraft Carrier, Tanker, Bulk Carrier, Container Ship, and Roll-on roll-off Ferry. 

Change Detection

Change Detection is a coveted SAR analytic due to the consistent illumination and geographic precision of SAR imaging. Precisely stacking and comparing successive images in time is a versatile analysis approach that reveals many types of large and small changes caused by construction, vehicle movements, changes in material stockpiles, and much more. In the past, change detection required expertise and specialized software for image acquisition, selection, and processing. With Capella’s Change Detection solution, users can easily monitor sites with compatible imagery and rapidly receive an analysis of identified changes.

How SAR Data Can Support Your Organization?

Capella Analytics helps organizations further economic, security and environmental progress. Tell us more about your goals to monitor for change.

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