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Open data for a more connected world


Capella’s mission is to make SAR more accessible, demonstrate its unique value, and help solve the hardest challenges we face on Earth. To do this, we need to work with a broad community of the brightest data scientists and software engineers. Our collective efforts and imagination will unlock the most value and transform how we live. With the Capella SAR Community, users can connect with peers and tap into resources such as tools, algorithms, and free and open data.


Our mission:

Increase access to near real-time Earth observation data. 

We want to make SAR data the backbone of the next generation of world-changing products, services, and applications serving government, business, academia, and consumers. To do that, we’re putting it in your hands with our open data policy. For example, we will provide data to generate labelled SAR training data for machine learning applications in land cover classification, object detection, InSAR, and other areas.

Be the ‘sandbox’ for a global community of SAR users. 

Across academia, government, and business great minds have leveraged SAR data to better understand the dynamics of our changing planet. We want to expand this conversation, bring in new perspectives and expertise, and start a dialogue that uncovers the power of being able to understand and react to change as it happens. We need you to make that happen.   

Build, test, and deploy.

We believe in the creative power of data. What becomes possible when access to hourly Earth observation data is at your fingertips? Over the next months and years, we are focused on engineering our way to a better world.

Join the community and let’s build it together.

Join the SAR developer community. 

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