Koolan Island Iron Mine

This image shows an open-pit iron mine on Koolan Island, Australia. Capella’s SAR imagery can show a variety of useful things in and around the mine, including trucks that go into the mines, activity on the nearby airstrip, and infrastructure development on the island.

2021 New South Wales Floods

During the New South Wales 2021 Floods, Capella’s automated tasking system rapidly monitored the area to understand the flood extent over time. High resolution SAR data allows for intuitive visual interpretation of the flood extent as darker areas indicate watery surfaces where radar energy has been scattered away.

Billiton Iron Ore Stockyard

Port Hedland is one of the largest iron ore export ports in the world and the largest in Australia. SAR analysts will be interested in the several berths used by bulk carriers for international shipments, rail networks, commodity stockpiles and a system of mangroves throughout the channel.