Bratsk Pulp Mill

Bratsk Pulp Mill is a new wood processing plant in Oblast, Russia with three interchangeable lines with a capacity of 5 million cubic meters of chips per year. Paper pulp is used in a variety of products including paper towels, toilet paper, and the paper we write on. Paper pulp is one of the products […]

Gadzhiyevo Submarine Base

Gadzhiyevo is a submarine home base for both Borei and Delta-IV ballistic missile submarines, located within the Arctic Circle. Analysts can see rich details in very high resolution spotlight imagery such as the fins of the individual submarines and the security perimeter around the facility. Analysts can use this image to measure the length of […]

Engels-2 Air Force Base

Engels-2 Air Force Base, located in Russia, is a strategic bomber military airbase and is Russia’s sole operating location for the Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber. Analysts can study the base’s 3,500-metre runway and fortifications surrounding the area.