Constellation Tasking

SAR Satellite Tasking

Capella puts the power of tasking directly in the customers’ hands. Capella’s automated scheduling system empowers customers to submit new imaging requests in an on-demand self-serve experience, making SAR data more accessible, timely, and secure.

Rapid Collection and Delivery

Receive SAR data according to your specifications. Capella’s mission awareness tool helps customers discover new tasking candidates based on their location and time period for more successful acquisition campaigns. New acquisition tasking requests are processed every fifteen minutes.

New Acquisitions for Your Exact Mission Requirements

Capella offers three flexible categories of new acquisition tasking, designed to provide customers with the specific SAR imagery products needed to accomplish their mission objectives:

Capella’s SAR imagery product categories for new acquisition tasking requests

Are You Ready to Task Your First SAR Image?

Capella’s self-service tasking system makes SAR accessible, timely and secure. Contact us to learn how your organization can directly task the Capella constellation.
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