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Featured Images from our Booth

Belgorod, Russia

02/22/22 13:23:09 PM UTC

Area of Yakubivka Ukraine

03/04/22 13:05:48 UTC

Kherson Intl Airport

03/06/22 10:27:15 UTC

Bandar Abbas, Iran

03/14/21 11:19:00 UTC

Boneyard Tucson, AZ

08/19/21 05:05:00 UTC

La Soufrière Volcano

04/27/21 02:02:00 UTC

New Product Launches

Vessel Detection

Capella Space offers vessel detection as an enrichment to our very high-resolution (VHR) image tasking service for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Customers tasking waterbodies such as ports, anchorages, shipping lanes, channels, canals, rivers, exclusive economic zones, or restricted water areas can automate vessel detection to extract insights from Capella’s imagery products.

Change Detection

Change Detection is a coveted SAR analytic due to the consistent illumination and geographic precision of SAR imaging. Precisely stacking and comparing successive images in time is a versatile analysis approach that reveals many types of large and small changes caused by construction, vehicle movements, changes in material stockpiles, and much more. In the past, change detection required expertise and specialized software for image acquisition, selection, and processing. With Capella’s Change Detection solution, users can easily monitor sites with compatible imagery and rapidly receive an analysis of identified changes.

Global Change Monitoring

Global Change Monitoring integrates the consistent, broad area coverage of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Sentinel-1 SAR satellites with the low-latency, on-demand reactivity of Capella’s SAR constellation. Programming and engineering expertise are no longer required to leverage consistent, all-weather SAR imaging at multiple resolutions. By automating the acquisition and change analysis of Sentinel-1 and integrating the tasking and viewing of Capella imagery, Global Change Monitoring provides a convenient platform for exploiting these complementary SAR data sources.

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