Imperial County, California

Brawley is a city in Imperial County in California, an agricultural region close to the US-Mexico border which has a climate conducive for yearlong agricultural activity. The local economy includes significant livestock and feed production. In SAR imagery, darker colored agricultural fields usually indicate the field is inundated or waterlogged.

San Joaquin Valley

In this Spotlight image of the San Joaquin Valley, you can clearly see an irrigation canal and a number of fields in very high resolution. SAR analysts can use SAR imagery to view agricultural lands used to produce grapes, milk, almonds and walnuts — the most lucrative agricultural commodities from California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Hassani Abdelkrim, Algeria

Cultivation of potatoes is a major part of the Algerian agricultural economy and center pivot irrigation is used for sustainable water use in its production. Analysis of SAR imagery can reveal changes in agricultural lands such as inundation.