Capella Space Welcomes Dan Getman, VP of Product

We continue to make significant strides at Capella Space on our mission to make timely Earth observation data available for our commercial and government customers. We’ve launched three satellites into orbit, announced the official launch of commercial operations and released the highest resolution SAR imagery commercially available. As our constellation of SAR satellites keeps growing, so does our stellar executive team, and we are excited to welcome Dan Getman as Capella Space’s new VP of Product! 

Dan brings more than two decades of industry experience working in geospatial analytics, focusing on generating insights from remote sensing and scalable analytics in both government and commercial industries. Dan joins Capella most recently from Descartes Labs, a geospatial analytics company, where he was Director of Product Management for the Descartes Labs Data Science platform. In this role, he focused on delivering analytics products designed to extract insights and trends from Earth imagery. Prior to that, Dan was director of emerging technologies at Maxar Technologies, where he established and led the commercial and international defense and intelligence product development teams. Dan has also served as a research scientist and geospatial data science team lead at the National Renewable Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.  

Dan will lead our product team in developing and executing on Capella’s product roadmap to strengthen our core use cases around D&I as well as to test and expand into new verticals and markets. We’re exploring a variety of commercial use cases — disaster response, maritime domain awareness, conservation, climate change, mining, and energy among others — and Dan understands how to weave together satellite data at scale to provide insights around these use cases. As Capella develops a rich catalog of high quality SAR data, Dan will lead our analytics product development to help our customers monitor change at scale. Dan also brings a new level of customer-centricity to Capella Space, bringing a wealth of experience in establishing product requirements based on a deep understanding of customers’ use cases as well as their pain points. This will ensure Capella’s delivery of the best SAR applications in the market, solving critical business and organizational challenges.   

When asked why he wanted to join Capella Space, Dan expressed that he was drawn to Capella’s mission to make timely Earth observation an essential tool for making life on our planet a better place. 

“Commercial Earth observation capabilities are, I believe, a driver for good in the world. They promote transparency and allow us to detect and measure innumerable aspects of our environment including change in urban and rural areas, impacts from natural disasters, the extent of deforestation, indications of commercial activity levels and many others. I am incredibly excited to be exploring new applications for Earth observation that rely on the unique capabilities of high-resolution SAR to provide actionable insights and empower informed decision making across commercial companies and government organizations.”  

Dan Getman, VP of Product 

(Above: Nighttime SAR imagery shows deforestation in areas that are usually cloudy and difficult to observe through traditional Earth observation technology. Understanding deforestation trends with objective SAR data is key to enacting informed and effective conservation policies.)

We look forward to the innovation and acceleration Dan will bring to Capella’s product development and more importantly, to how our customers will undoubtedly benefit from his experience in developing and delivering high quality geospatial data products.  Learn more about Dan Getman and Capella’s leadership team here.

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