Automating Vessel Detection in SAR Satellite Imagery


In April 2022, Capella Space introduced three new analytics products within its self-serve tasking console, enabling customers to automatically pull insights from Capella’s high-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery. Since launching those products, customers worldwide have been able to use Capella’s technology to solve critical problems across an array of industries.  As commercial SAR imagery […]

Capella Space Unveils Next Generation Satellite with Enhanced Imagery Capabilities and Communication Features


Capella’s third-generation synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites offer highest quality imagery, best resolution, and fastest order-to-delivery speeds SAN FRANCISCO, August 10, 2022 — Capella Space, a leading Earth observation company, today unveiled several new capabilities planned for its next generation satellites, further expanding the company’s cutting-edge, premium data offerings. This new generation of Capella satellites, […]

Hackapella 3.0: Squintier, Slewier, Fastier!


Authors: Nate Ricklin and Jason Brown Capella’s third-annual hackathon was one for the books! The event that has now become tradition, brought people from across the company to collaborate on the next big synthetic aperture radar (SAR) innovation—or just a fun project.   As you can probably tell from this year’s theme “Hackapella 3.0: Squintier, Slewier, […]

Seeing Rainbows: A Sneak Peek at a Special Capella Project

Once in while it’s fun to look at things—or in our case, Earth—with a different perspective. At Capella Space, we like to challenge ourselves with projects that explore new insights and possibilities for future problem-solving. Last year, we hosted our second annual Capella hackathon, a three-day event where team members came together to creatively explore […]

Researchers use SAR imagery from Capella Space to detect glacier changes

The following is a guest post from Duncan Quincey, Professor of Glaciology at the University of Leeds. Duncan uses Capella’s high resolution SAR imagery to study the effects of climate change on glacial melt, which can have a significant impact on local ecosystems as well as drinking water supply levels. Learn more about his latest […]

Capella Space Closes $97M Series C Financing Round to Meet Exponential Customer Demand for Its Radar-Powered, High-Quality Satellite Imagery and Intelligence

Capella will use the funding, led by NightDragon, to expand its AI-enabled geospatial analytics and imaging offerings for its satellite sensors that penetrate all weather conditions – clouds, fog, smoke, rain – and capture clear imagery 24-7, day and night, across the globe SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 25, 2022 – Capella Space, the leading earth observation […]

Capella Space Announces New Data Products to Automate SAR Imagery Analysis Via Its Image-Tasking Console

With new offerings for Vessel Detection, Change Detection, and Global Change Monitoring, Capella Space offers first-in-class image analytics for its customers around the globe  SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 14, 2021 —Capella Space, an information services company that provides high-quality Earth observation data on demand, today announced three new integrated analytics capabilities into its image-tasking web application, […]