The Capella Values Series: Accountability

Over the past few months, several of my colleagues have written blog posts about Capella Space’s company values. Today, I’m wrapping up the series with a post about one of my favorite values — Accountability. Achieving a bold vision: providing access to timely and high-quality Earth observation data Here’s how we describe accountability: we are […]

Launching Capella Space’s Commercial Operations

Since we founded Capella Space four years ago, our team has worked around the clock to design, build, and launch an innovative SAR satellite that will allow organizations to access SAR data on demand. Today we are announcing that we’re officially open for commercial operations — an exciting next step in our journey to making […]

No, SAR Can’t See Through Buildings

When we released our unprecedented 50 cm x 50 cm resolution imagery this week, the market was thrilled to see crisp images of Singapore, Taiwan, Roswell International Air Center and other global landmarks with SAR technology. Unfortunately, some coverage included inaccurate headlines claiming that Capella and other SAR providers can see through buildings, causing privacy concerns. […]

Capella Unveils World’s Highest Resolution Commercial SAR Imagery

It has been a little over three months since the launch of our first operational satellite Capella-2 (formerly named Sequoia) and I can tell you that this has been the most exciting three months of our journey after founding Capella only four years ago. We made history with this launch as the first and only […]

The Capella Values Series: Aim High & Bold

This week, I’m continuing our Capella Space company values blog series with a post about one of my favorite Capella values: Aim High & Bold.  Questioning the Status Quo Internally, here’s what the Aim High & Bold value means to our team: We take risks and challenge complacency, mediocrity, and decisions that don’t make sense. […]

The Capella Values Series: Quality and Creativity

In recent months, a few members of the Capella team have published blog posts about some of our company values. I’m adding to that series today with a post about two of my favorite Capella values: Quality and Creativity. Quality SAR Data Quality is very important to me as a data scientist. Access to SAR […]

The Capella Values Series: Community

In October, my colleague Jenn Sadler published the first blog post in a new series we are writing about Capella Space’s company values. Over the next few months, different members of the team will contribute to this project and write about what some of our values mean to them. Today, I’m continuing the series with […]

The Capella Values Series: Honesty, Integrity, and Continued Growth

At Capella, we live by seven different values: honesty and integrity; continued growth; quality; aiming high and bold; community; creativity; and accountability. It’s a long list, so we decided to start a blog series that dives into what each value means. In this series, different team members will discuss one (or more!) of the values […]

Announcing Our Sequoia Launch: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Optical!

When I founded Capella Space in 2016, it was with a clear mission: to make timely, reliable Earth observation data available on demand. Since then, my team has worked tirelessly to build small but powerful satellites and the ground infrastructure needed to deliver synthetic aperture radar (SAR) in the most user-friendly and customer-centric way possible. […]