SAR 101: An Introduction to Synthetic Aperture Radar

SpaceNet6 Blog_Intro to SAR

By Daniel Hogan (In-Q-Tel CosmiQ Works) and Jason Brown (Capella Space) with the CosmiQ Works and Capella teams. When asked to picture a “satellite image,” most people envision something like the left side of the figure above. It’s an optical image – a photograph – albeit one taken by a very powerful camera. But optical […]

Denali’s Near Miss and the Growing Problem of Space Debris

On January 27th, 2019, early Sunday morning, we were notified of a potential collision probability with another satellite traveling towards our pathfinder craft, Denali. We had received alerts in the past but all were for “close-approaches” from other nearby objects traveling at relatively low speeds of no more than 3 meters per second, with a […]

Capella Space Closes $19M Series B to Deliver Reliable Earth Observation Data on Demand

Spark Capital and DCVC deepen investment in breakthrough small satellites that see in all conditions via advanced space radar; first launch scheduled for November SAN FRANCISCO — September 26, 2018 — Capella Space, an aerospace and information services company providing on-demand Earth observation data via advanced space radar, announces $19 million Series B funding led by Spark Capital and […]